Tamer holding photo of him and a coworker working in Coach's Leatherware Factory

Lenape Handbags is founded by Tamer Mourshed with the help of his wife and children. After travelling from the Middle East in the 80's, Tamer began working for Lido Handbag, Coach, and more. He started his own handbag factory (circa 1991) in New York as a pattern, sample, and production maker. His clean yet unique handy work came to an end after the economy crashed.

Our turtle icon is inspired by one of the Lenape tribes. Out of the turtle, wolf, and turkey tribe, we chose turtle to signify not only ours, but the world's constant struggle and slow-pace race to the top. After the crash of the economy, Tamer found himself jumping from job to job to finally trying to rebuild what he created in the past, but even better. The damaged turtle shell was finally shed.

For Tamer, creating leather goods is an intimate process. He takes into consideration the bag's durability, functionality, when, where it will be used and worn while keeping it fashionable. Each bag is produced from passion and inspiration. 




Our biggest goal is to see Lenape flourish. We want our designs to flourish in a way that embraces every positive aspect of life through fashion. We want our story, and our consumer's stories, showcased through the pieces we make. Inclusion, acceptance, expression, and hand crafted genius is woven into each of our pieces.